Confused by Lottery Game Maths?

This gets a lot of people confused, and I’m not surprised because the maths when it comes to any odds is not the easiest in the world.

euro mathsYou’d also be forgiven for thinking they sometimes make it more complicated just so you can’t quite figure it out easily yourself… 🙂

But the main lottery games that interest me are the big EuroMillions game, and the UK Lotto too. Which if you compare the odds of winning EuroMillions vs Lotto you might be surprised to find who wins! Even though they changed the ticket price not so long ago too.

If you’re still confused by the maths though and want to know more on figuring it out – see the lottery maths here. They have a simple calculator that will tell you your odds of winning. It is something you can work out yourself, particuarly if you have a few spreadsheet skills, but it’s not that straightforward so an odds calculator to help with the lottery maths is pretty useful.

There’s actually a neat way to not exactly ‘beat’, but greatly improve these odds though, and that’s by playing with a EuroMillions syndicate online. It’s one of my ‘secret weapons’, and according to is pretty much one of the only genuine ways you can increase your chances. The rest of the stuff you read online is a bunch of crazy fake-out rubbish.

Sure you do have to share if you play this way, but who cares when the prize is as big as it gets with EuroMillions! Even after you share that prize with 50 other people you’re still going to be a multi-millionaire. Yes please.